I'm Hana Clue!
A beer wench from Cheshire.

My blog is a bit messy, just like my head. It consists of my many random ramblings, odd bits and bobs from my day to day life, crazy funny things from the interwebs and some sexy ladies.

i hope you enjoy it.

i need a fucking holiday. Everything is such a mess.

Deleted my facebook. Because I am tired of all of the people IRL thinking that they have a right to my life, a right to effect it, a right to know about it and a right to have an opinion on it. They can go now. I’ve set up a tiny one for people I actually want to talk to and I think there are about 10 people on there.

Everything is a bit confusing at the moment and I don’t quite know where my life is going but I know I’ll come out on top. I always land on my feet. I’m a fucking warrior. 

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